Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Looking for Summers End

This is the time of year you see bales of hay dotting the countryside. 
The corn fields are now dried stalks and the sorghum has been cut.
Farm equipment sitting idly, waiting for next year.
Where I live, summer begins when the school year ends in May. And, likewise, summer is over when the new school year begins in a couple of weeks.

Most days for the last few weeks, have been 100 to 104 degrees.

The expression "Dog Days of Summer" comes to mind.
I am so ready for the first signs of Autumn........
Meggie Mac


  1. I am always ready for Fall! We are seeing some signs of fall here too. June, July and August seem like the summer season here. Our heat has been WAY less this year. Very unusual. Still hot, but not as extreme.

    1. You know, Debbie, I think I enjoy autumn and winter most of all. Summer start out good, but eventually the heat gets to me. I think that must come with getting older.

  2. Lovely photos of the end of summer ! The fall is near but the heat is getting high here . The summer holidays these days is on full time ! Have a lovely day !

  3. I love to see the large rolls dotting the countryside...
    a sure sign of things to come.
    Soon we will be seeing woolie red/black caterpillars crossing the country roads.

  4. I love seeing photos of the countryside! I've noticed recently that some of the trees are beginning to show signs of fall. Fall is my favorite season, but this August has been pretty nice and not as hot as usual, so I'm not in too big a hurry to see summer end this year.

  5. Beautiful! I love seeing the big hay bales!

  6. Interesting post with nice captures!

  7. Cooler weather would bring me out of hibernation. Last couple of weeks have been hot. I think that's why I like Fall so much. It's a welcome break from south central Texas weather.


  8. We saw lots of bales of hay passing through the Prairie States and it made me realize how quickly summer was coming to an end. I feel I haven't even enjoyed the season with all that was on my plate, but then, dear friend, you know that all too well. You will be happy to know that my next designs that I have to submit in October will pay homage to the wild flowers that decorate our beautiful country. I was in awe of seeing the varieties as we drove across country to North Carolina. XOXO


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