Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inspired Sunday...In Texas Country

Haw Creek Church is a mid 1800's renovated building that is used for weddings and other special events.
It's not often you see a blue door on a church.
Meggie Mac
I'm pleased to be joining with Inspired Sunday. Click HERE to see more churches.


  1. story book church. love that front door. i wonder if some one tall (like me) could get through very easily? really enjoy the stain glass circle window too!! ( :

  2. I love the door too, actually the whole church is beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful church. I do like old churches.

  4. What a beauty, I have read that a blue door means peace and tranquility. Pretty arched door way
    I may paint the front door to my house that color and see if it works.

  5. Beautiful! I like that blue door, too. Especially the shape of it. Thanks for sharing this week!

  6. I love this beautiful church! It looks like a wonderful place to get married in.

  7. Love the character of old churches, inside and out! I agree others-love the blue door and the stain glass window.


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