Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Fences...Do You See What I See

Early this morning, I was driving the country back roads...looking for an interesting fence to photograph.
The brush and trees were so thick, I almost missed seeing the little pony.
I was trying to be patient for a better view of him, well knowing, that if I made a sound, he might run.
 I finally gave in, and whistled.
He looked up for just a moment....
then, gave me his backside!
Meggie Mac


  1. what a cute pony. so fun!! glad you noticed him. ( :

  2. He is a sweetheart.

    Things like that bring one such joy

  3. Ha Ha Well you know I loved it .
    He made the fence all the more interesting ,even with his backside . lol

  4. Nice looking pony! Nice surroundings, too!

  5. sweet shots, I think horses ponies and birds do this on purpose :-).

  6. That pony probably spotted some clover that was more inviting:-D I love the sunny surroundings and the simplicity of the fence, XOXO

  7. Barbed wire fences are one of my favs, i know why he turned away, you didnt come with any carrots or apples :o)


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