Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Dance of Autumn in Texas

November has arrived bringing some cooler weather. But in my part of Texas, Autumn still does the occasional dance with the lingering warm days of summer.
Once the calendar indicates Autumn has arrived, Texas usually has a few days where the temperatures take a dip.
Today it truly feels like Autumn is here.

 I have adorned all the outside doorways with the happy color of  pumpkins.

The sign, barely visible, says, "Every Garden Tells a Story".
My dear readers,
do you agree with this saying?
When looking at my garden, you know which colors I favor. My style is casual, with flowers spilling over the walkways.
The older cottage, I recently purchased, had no walkways, flowers or shrubs. Even with more stones to be set, the winding pathway to the front entrance is beginning to take shape.
My very own stone wall, waiting for shrubs to be planted.
As I had hoped, the flowers of the back garden are now draping over the retaining wall. You can read the story of the retaining wall ...HERE.
It pleases me to know the few flowers, I managed to plant in this "first year garden",
are thriving.....
And the rushing water, off the hill, has now been tamed....
Meggie Mac


  1. Dear Meggie,
    Your new cottage and your garden are looking lovely. You have worked so hard.
    I love your retaining wall..full of a variety of color.
    Your path will look great when finished.. I love paths around the house.
    Thanks for coming over to visit me.
    I am pleased that you are settling in.
    love val xxx Happy 1st of November

  2. You have a beautiful place. Nice to see some sun and living plants at this time of year!!!!!

  3. Your home and garden is just lovely Meggie........Happy November to you! x

  4. Your cottage is taking shape, as I knew you would be able to do with your green thumb! I planted 155 bulbs today, but it barely made a dent. It's going to take a while to get my gardens lush again--wrangling with some deer:-D XOXO

  5. You have a beautiful place. All your plants look healthy, and I do love that stone wall!

  6. Lovely, it must be wonderful to sit outside most of the year:)

  7. I love the photos! What a lovely cottage you have. It is very winter like at our place... snowing today... so I enjoyed the tour of your garden very much. :)


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