Monday, August 3, 2015

Hidden in Plain Sight for Monday's Country Back Roads

By far, this is one of my favorite places to photograph on the prairie. One day, I plan to be there before sun-up, for the Golden Hour (sometimes called the Magic Hour). But, today I will settle for 9am and very very hot.
There is a well-placed Posted sign, which you do not often see in these parts. I must photograph from a distance for fear of becoming "fair game".
So you ask, "What makes this hidden in plain sight?" There are literally hundreds of stock ponds in the area where I live.
This one is located behind a locally owned pharmacy, newly built on the edge of farm land. The only way to see it, is if you take a chance drive to the back side of the pharmacy....and there she in the distance.
Click on photo
The reflections, on the pond, are spectacular....accented by the dark trunks of the trees.
And, to make it all complete....the resident Blue Heron, that I often find walking in the shallow waters, is looking for breakfast.
Meggie Mac


  1. Nice shots- my favorite is the last one. Well worth hanging out in the parking lot for! :)

  2. I also like that last shot. Nice to see that heron.

    1. The day I took this photos the heron was no where to be seen. Just as I was leaving, he suddenly appeared.


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