Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday's Country Back Roads...Decades Old and Well Used

Even with the obvious aging of a once well used barn,
 I still find beauty, captured with my camera.
One of the many things I have learned from my country life, is that if you will slow down and give it a chance, the countryside will fold its arms around you and give you comfort....and, lots of joy.
Click on photo for a better view
Sometimes it's something as simple as an old marble,
lost long ago,
 and found while digging in the garden. dear readers,
 give it a try.
Breathe easy and discover what you might be missing.
Meggie Mac
Linking today with The Barn Collective.
Click  HERE  to view barn photos from around the world.


  1. I love the old abandoned buildings too! Our yard was an old homestead...we have found several marbles, a tiny tin tea cup, a kids 6-shooter, a toy rhinoceros and a little girl's pendant while gardening. It's wonderful to feel that link to the past here. It's too bad that there's also wire, glass, tires, oil filters and other debris in the bush!

  2. A curve in the road always does things for me...the call for me to follow them and see where they go. And I love old barns, new barns, falling down barns, or barns standing tall and true. I cannot remember a time I didn't love them.

  3. I love rust or should I say patina! What a delightful barn. Thanks Meggie for linking this beauty this week and I hope that you are able to find some more for the future. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  4. We moved to the country many years ago to raise our children. It has been a great adventure :)

  5. The rusty roof is worth a photo or two! I enjoyed seeing your marble too...I collect them.. I love to look at them:)


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