Sunday, August 2, 2015

St Rose of Lima Catholic Church for InSPIREd Sunday

The history of this church goes back to 1889. This may not seem very old, but one must remember that Texas only entered the Union in 1845. 
Even though I photographed before 8am this morning, the temperature was already 80 degrees. Lucky for me, there was some shade to stand in.
The most striking part of the church is the bell tower, with a cross on all four sides. 
Meggie Mac
Joining with InSPIREd Sunday.
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  1. The church only looks a few years old, I wonder if it replaced an older church

    1. Hi Bill...You are quite right...I failed to tell that fact. The parish was formed in 1889, with this structure being built at a much later date.

  2. Very nice, it reminds me of one I attended as a child


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