Monday, September 28, 2015

Ride Along with Me on Monday's Country Back Roads

The roads I enjoy the most are the narrow ones....
 without a marked center line.

Camera beside me...
All I need to do is pick a spot
and park my truck.

Off in the far distance, I can see where oil is being drilled.

Zooming in...I see a metal barn, nestled in the trees.

Click on photo for a better view

I do love to catch the background in layers.
See how the colors change
 until they are almost the color of the sky.

Off to my left, I see what might have been a small home, built a very long time ago.

It appears to be boarded up....possibly now being used as a barn.

A new week is before us.
Make the most of it, dear readers.
Meggie Mac

Linking today with Tom, The Backroads Traveller
You won't be disappointed...Tom is a wonderful photographer.

Click HERE 
To view other barns on The Barn Collective


  1. Meggie, and here I thought that everything was BIG in Texas! The barn with the rusty roof in the last two shots is a sweetie! Thank you so much for sharing your Texas barns and I hope you will return again. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Oh Tom, your comment has put a smile on my face ! Doesn't the rusty roof look like someone purposely painted stripes on it? The Texas wind, rain, and very hot sun did a fine job....

  2. Love back roads too! I notice everything and my imagination runs wild, XOXO

    1. Even the ones I travel on often, I still discover new things to photograph...

  3. Just last night I was over to my daughter's to see her vacation pictures from Ireland. Your country road is luxuriously wide compared to the country roads over there. She said they are so narrow that two cars can't meet.

    1. The same thing when I was Scotland....ever so often there would be a spot to pull over and let the on coming car pass. Only once or twice did we have to back up...laughing.

  4. What lovely views. I like the rusty roof on the old building.

  5. I love that kind of road...ones where i can pause if I want...ones where you need to go slowly.


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