Sunday, September 6, 2015

Early Morning Sunrise for InSPIREd Sunday

The early morning light was trying to break through the clouds,
 when I first arrived at the Cedar Cemetery.
Setting high on a hill, the views of the countryside are spectacular.
As you can see, everything was in shadows.
There are many old markers and fences to capture in a photograph.
Click on photo for a better view
Including trees that have been there a long time.
Even though I came for the peace and solitude this morning,
 I did photograph a few of the older grave stones.
And the metal fences are picture perfect.
May your Sunday be filled with friends and family.
Meggie Mac
Joining with InSPIREd Sunday
Click  HERE  to view churches, synagogues, cemeteries,
 and other religious buildings from around the world.


  1. very cool. i love early morning shots! ( ;
    happy weekend!!!

  2. Thank you for this morning stroll.
    Have a nice day.
    (my way here is Inspired Sunday)

  3. Wonderful shots...and you should link this to Good Fences cause I LOVE the fence.

  4. I don't know how I forgot to tell you I LOVE that tree...and Tex who does Good Fences would sure enjoy it.

  5. Beautiful shots. I always love a good stroll through a cemetery.

  6. That looks like an intriguing place. I agree with Michelle. But what is it about cemeteries?!

  7. I love to collect photos of cemetery signs, will post some tomorrow.

  8. Great wrought iron fence--I'm into fences lately too and have to say you inspire me. I've drawn two for my CountryScapes collection; a split-rail and a stonewall. I'm thinking a Nantucket picket fence with arbor will be my next, XOXO

  9. I love that fence and the tree! I enjoy old cemeteries and have been known to take a walk through more than a few.

    Grace & Peace.


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