Friday, September 4, 2015

Snow on the Prairie for Friday Fences

During the hottest months of the summer,
you will find these wildflowers growing in masses,
 giving the illusion of a light dusting of snow.
Click HERE to read about "Snow on the Prairie Wildflower"
Despite the beautiful backdrop for a simple cedar post and barbed wire fence...
 these flowers have a milky sap that is irritating to humans, both to the skin and the eyes.
Meggie Mac
Joining with Theresa at Run Around Ranch
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 from around the world.


  1. i try to keep it under control here, but it is a big fight. my neighbor's pasture has a proliferation of it and it seeds over to my side in front and back. but at least it gives the butterflies and bees a bit of bloom this late in the season.

  2. Oh they're beautiful of course but not that it might give me allergy :(

  3. I guess appearances can be deceiving. Before I read about what a problem it is I was thinking how nice to have it growing next to the fence.

  4. Beautiful! I love seeing wildflowers. The snow will be here soon enough.

  5. It sure does make for a beautiful picture!

  6. The Snow on the Prairie flowers are lovely. I enjoyed seeing them against your fences.


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