Friday, December 4, 2015

Main Street, Small Town Texas for Friday Fences

Tonight is the big Christmas Celebration for this small Texas town.
By the time the local shops close for the day,
 the main street will be lined with Arts and Craft vendors,
 delicacies to try and plenty of wassail to drink.
Just beyond the fence, lies a very busy train track,
 that runs the entire length of main street.
I'll be back tonight...
 to join in the celebration!
Meggie Mac
Joining today with Theresa at the Run a Round Ranch
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  1. good weather for a town celebration!

    1. One couldn't ask for anything more for the celebration...40's to 50's and no rain...

  2. I used to live in a smaller town, but have no desire to go back.

    1. Just as my profile says...."I moved from the city to the country". Can't imagine living any other place.

  3. Oddly enough, it's in the 40s here in NW Wisconsin!!! and supposed to be all next week, I hear. I'm lovin' it! I live in the country too, but usually it's covered in snow by this time. Hope you had a grand time at the celebration.

  4. It was a Christmas celebration in some of the towns around here, too. I didn't go tonight...may go tomorrow to some of the small villages that open specially the first weekend in December.

  5. Love the wrought iron! Nice town tree!

  6. Oh I like your towns Christmas tree, I bet it looks awesome lit up.


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