Thursday, December 3, 2015

A New Family Tradition with Granddaughter...

The past week has been a whirlwind of family,
passing through the doors
of The Bungalow.
It's results have put the 2015 Thanksgiving Celebration at the top of the list,
 of my all-time favorites.
There is such joy in having all of your adult children home, at the same time.
My youngest granddaughter is adopted from Guatemala, as is her brother.
She can be described as a "firecracker" bubbly and full of energy....
and, eager to be in the kitchen.
It was decided that she and I would bake cookies together.
 Here are the results of what I hope will be a new tradition, in our family.
Wanting to do something a little different, I decided we would give a cookie press a try.
I purchased mine through Amazon for only $10.00.
Have you ever used one?
The tool reminds me of a caulking gun...
something I'm very familiar with, using it with my old house renovations.
 The cookie recipe for Spritz Cookies, is a very simple recipe.
Click HERE for the recipe and decorating ideas.
It is much like making a pie crust.
The cookie press, made by Wilton, came with 14 different templates.
What I like about the grip handle press is...
 I could steady the press,
while my granddaughter's tiny hands gripped the handle,
 to punch out the cookies.
In less than 8 minutes of baking,
we had the first batch of seven dozen cookies.
These are perfect cookies, for traveling as Christmas gifts.
Rich in butter...
they literally melt in your mouth.
I must admit...
the cookie press excited me as much as
my granddaughter baking in
The Bungalow Kitchen.
Meggie Mac


  1. That sounds fun. I missed out on the cooking stuff when the kids were young. But I DID try my hand at baking some biscuits the other day, just to amuse myself and Head Office. And I need to practice...

    1. Hello Mike....Needless to say, I will be baking more cookies before the Holiday Season is over. Enjoyed your recent post about the Washington House....also picked-up on your humor, you so often inject in your posts.

  2. I always make spritz cookies and they were always a pain to make with a very old press. Then I got a new press, similar to yours, a year ago and now it's really fun to press them out. I make them early as the longer you keep them, the better they taste. Yours look delicious!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. They are so simple with this press.....I'm making more this week. As you said, they are better the next day.

  3. Meggie those look delicious! How fun to bake with your grandkids--what special memories :) I've always wondered if those cookie presses actually work or if it would be frustrating and a waste of money. Going to get one now! Jill

    1. You can buy more expensive ones, but mine is the $10.00 one. Surprising, it was very easy to clean. Can't you see them as Christmas gifts? Check out the link to Wilton....

  4. This sounds like so much fun...and love the sounds of the melt in your mouth cookies. I used to bake some that did literally melt in your mouth. It was when I was a teenager at home and I don't have the recipe any more...

    1. As you probably know, when it comes to kids, you want it to be "fail-proof", if possible. It was so much fun...for both of us !

  5. A cookie press, how exiting! This is something totally new for me and I am going to get one for my daughter Annie. She is asking for baking things for Christmas. I would love to bake with my little ones but my big ones are always a little quicker and do it first...

    1. Hello Christina...You will have fun. It is a tremendous amount of butter, but well worth it...the cookies improve with each day, that is, if they last that long. Also make wonderful Christmas gifts. Be sure and check out the link, I have posted.

  6. Those cookies look perfect! I have a press, but haven't used it in a few years....might have to try it again!

    1. I don't know if they are all the same, but this inexpensive one worked perfectly. The key is to touch the cookie sheet with the press...then just click the handle. Each click released enough dough for a perfect cookie.


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