Friday, December 11, 2015

Weathered Cattle Chute for Friday Fences...

I get very excited when I find something like this...
looking a little tired,
 but still a very usable cattle chute.
Maybe a bunkhouse or just an overnight cabin...
a place for ranch hands to stay,
while waiting for the cattle truck to arrive.
Would you not agree...
a wonderful place to take photographs.
Meggie Mac
Linking with Theresa at
Run Around Ranch.
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  1. I am sure if those old buildings could talk, you wold be amazed at what they would share.

    1. I can tell you from experience, from one cattle round-up I was on, the tall tales could fill a small book.

  2. That is a wonderful place. I like that weathered red.

  3. I do agree :) reminds me of being at the pasture when I was a kid. Happy memories :) Jill

  4. Very nice shot of the cattle shoot and fencing. I like the weathered look.


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