Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer Orange Fading....for a Wednesday Garden Update

Because our temperatures are changing to Autumn,
I wanted to post some of the last of what I call
"summer orange".
The Caesalpinia pulcherrima loves our very hot summers.
I can already see the seed pods forming,
 so these blooms are coming to an end until next year.
You may refer to the plant as
"Pride of Barbados" or "Mexican Bird of Paradise"
Portulaca is another flowering plant
 I can count on for the hottest days of summer.
It, too, is beginning to fade with the cooler night temperatures
As you might remember, this year I bought my first Satsuma Orange Tree.
And, much to my surprise,
the small tree gifted me with about a dozen oranges.
So move over Summer Orange....
and make room for chrysanthemums and
 pumpkins !


  1. I have never seen that first flower. It is strikingly beautiful! and those oranges! Do you eat them? Never heard of them either. I am so ready for fall.

    1. Some variety of caesalpinia will grow where you live... I believe you have long hot summers. And the Satsuma Orange is a variety of Mandarin. And yes, they are editable. I agree with you about autumn. Our temps are at least not in the triple digits anymore. Today was in the 80's.

  2. Wow the Green Orange is so different.


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