Friday, September 1, 2017

Stone Fencing with a View...for Friday Fences

For me, stone fences conjure up all kinds of questions.
who did the actual work, how did they gather all of them to this location...
and, maybe the year they were set into place.
Can you imagine the labor that went into this project?
It's not like they had the option of Home Depot,
 to order a pallet of stone delivered.
I know this first hand from laying my own berm of stone.
It's quite obvious, from the first photo, I'm short on experience.
I put mine down, in the back garden area,
to slow down the flow of water from heavy rains.
And, here I am again, at The Bluff,
with one foot on the stone fence,
 looking at the Colorado River almost 200 feet below.
The sun has been out all day,
but the river is still swollen with Harvey's flood waters.
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  1. I love stone walls too. They do conjure up all kinds of stories. I think your own rock wall doesn't look half bad. - Hoping those flood water subside soon for your state.

  2. So good to see a post from you...and I do love it of course. I love a stone fence or wall, whatever you want to call it.

  3. I love stone fences! We still have some in KY that are standing.

  4. Making stone walls is called dyking here,the craftsmen, is indeed an art and a craft

  5. I'm so use to stone fences having lived in New England. I guess I never imagined them in Texas! Love these photos and I'm glad you're back to posting:-)

  6. I love stone walls, they are put up with thought. I watched a film The Secret Life of Bees few years ago and ever since have thought about stone walls when something troubles my mind, too grand or sad to forget or understand. Have you seen it or read the book?


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