Monday, September 25, 2017

Small Town Main Street ....for Monday's Country Roads

Organic Coffee ?
In a Small Town?
Well, true to the sign, that is exactly what I will be getting
 this early morning.
And, how early would that be?
The sun is showing it's face just above the horizon...
As you can see,
the main street is still empty of parked cars.
It's my favorite time of the day.
A table is waiting outside for me,
how about joining me inside, for a cup of special blend.
We can catch up with some town news
 and, maybe a little gossip.


  1. Wish I could jo9n you for a good, hot cup of coffee. I am in Texas too, but not near you.

    1. Don't you agree, small towns have the best coffee shops and cafes.

  2. Replies
    1. Not what you see in Starbucks, but I like this atmosphere much better...

  3. Love small towns. Kelly and I would drive to one in Kentucky for Midland; the railroad went right down the center of the town! We'd have lunch and do some local shopping. Some of my best memories with the final years of her life.

    1. I can't imagine the loss you still feel from Kelly. My youngest daughter is now studying abroad, and I miss her so much.

  4. That looks like my kind of place. Perfection!


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