Tuesday, September 26, 2017

A Salute to our Flags.....

I really enjoy getting out and about so early in the morning.
It's the simple things one can experience at this hour... like
watching the daily ritual of raising our Texas flag
 along side our American flag,
a symbol of who we are and our shared values.
It wasn't until I started editing the photos, that I realized
 it must be a brand new flag.
 You can still see the fold creases on it.
It warms my heart,
to watch this small Texas town
 wake up in the morning...


  1. I am not a morning person. Wish I was as it is great seeing so many things waking up to a new day.

    1. Early mornings are especially nice in small towns... cities seem to never sleep.

  2. You are a good woman to be out and about so early. I am an early riser, but just so I can get to work. Our students start arriving at 6:45am.

    1. When I'm in the city, I open my office around 7am.... unlike you, I don't think I could face a room full of students !!


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