Saturday, March 3, 2012

All Day Gardening

Somewhere between last Friday and this week, the Texas Mountain Laurel  decided to bloom. Look out, there's a bee!

The mountain laurel came with the purchase of the farm. My farm had been abandoned for over 15 years. So, I believe any plant that survived , on it's own that long, deserves to continue to grow.

It is too close to the back door of the farmhouse and the trunk of the shrub is gnarled. Once a year, it blooms these incredible violet flowers. You can see the Cowgirl Room in the background, with the cedar stepping stones  leading to the door.

I found one lone seed pod still holding on. The seeds, two in a pod, are very hard and must be scored to make them sprout.

Friday began with a 7am trip to the local discount store in town. I bought 20 bags of pine bark mulch for the garden beds.  It is less expensive to have it delivered in bulk, but the bags are easier for me to handle. When you work alone, you must take your back into consideration.

After unloading the truck, I trimmed some shrubs at the back of the farmhouse.

Finally, I made the decision to prune back the roses that were already showing blooms.

The potatoes are just beginning to break the ground. I added sand to this soil to make it loose for planting potatoes and carrots.

The first fruit tree I planted 12 years ago, is beginning to bloom for this year's fruit. It almost didn't survive the drought from last year. The plums make the best plum preserves that I usually give as Christmas gifts.

The wild dewberries are about to bloom. They produce a small red berry that also makes wonderful jam or dewberry muffins.

When the day was over, and a much needed shower taken, it was time to think about dinner. Nothing fancy and certainly nothing that would require much preparation....onions, orange bell peppers, zucchini, and sausage.

Adding some potatoes, I have dinner.

And last, the chore of washing today's dishes.

I think I'm tired....

Meggie Mac


  1. Another busy day Meggie! That Texas Mountain Laurel is beautiful - and what a survivor. It is lovely to see, through your garden, how the year is moving on from winter. I love days spent like that, good honest toil in the fresh air, and with visible results!

    1. And now it is Saturday, and the rain is coming down on my metal roof. I have errands in town this morning and a music lesson before lunch. Then back to the farm and more work in the greenhouse. I wanted to move daylilies today, but let's see how I hold up. My sewing nook is calling me....Have a wonderful week end.

  2. What a day you had:) And lots of fresh air gives a good night sleep! It looks so lovely spring time there - here we were skating today...

  3. Wow you have enough energy for two gals!In Va mts there is a wild rhododendron they call Mountain Laurel too. Purple blooms as well. Seems like a lot of wild things have purple or bluish blooms.Hope you have another productive day!

  4. I'm always amazed at what you accomplish... I'm itching to get in the garden, but am sewing to try and stay patient... we won't be working outside for another month or 2 at least!

  5. hi
    wow what a wonderful day you had.your garden looks very pretty with the first blooms ....i like the texas mountain laurel.
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  6. You are one busy girl. I've not long finished seperating some packed houseplants, kept what I want and put the rest to give away on freegle, have around 20 plants that I've sent to new homes! I'm loving those bags of bark, makes me want to get stuck in! Suzy x

  7. I love days like this....I sleep the best!

  8. Waouw, your Texas Mountain Laurel is gorgeous ! We planted a wisteria that has similar flowers but are waiting and waiting for the first flowers to appear.
    Such a very busy day; to time to get bored !
    Wishing you a very pleasant weekend.

  9. Dear Meggie, Your dinner seems so delicious. I must try to make this meal very soon. And The flowers and blooms are so beautiful. Spring came to your city Texas. In this part of Turkey It is raining terribly. And we must wait to see blooming a while.. I wish you the best days like your beautiful flowers..

  10. You've been busy! Isn't it great when spring really feels like it's on the way? Jx

  11. Hi Meggie, I really love gardening and I am in my element when I am pottering in my garden.I love the blue flowered plant, it reminds me of wisteria.

  12. What beautiful first blooms! I bet you'll have a very sound sleep tonight ;)

  13. And my Texas laurel is barely blooming. When it is out, its the butterflies that swarms the blooms.

  14. I'm smerking. You sound like ME!!!!.... LOL
    I love nothing more than spending the entire day outside.... I can hardly drag myself in from out there during peak gardening times. Even after I've come I'm to complete my "responsabilities", I find myself wondering out to admire the rewards of my labors.


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