Monday, March 5, 2012

More Than Just a Hat

You would be correct if you said, "Vintage". I've tried to put a date on it, but the closest I've come is between the 40's and 50's.

I'm thinking it probably was a Easter hat....white with large, now slightly faded, red and white roses.  The hat is covered with tulle.

Inside is a USA Union Label.

The roses are silk with some velvet petals.

So what is so special about this hat?

Meine Grossmutter
 It belonged to this Grandmother.

 My maternal grandmother was born in 1896 in Texas. Her parents were German immigrants, as were my grandfather's parents. The German community was very close knit, speaking their native language at home and in their church.

My grandparents were both bi-lingual. As a child, it was very common to hear the German language spoken in their home. My Mom, who also speaks English and German, told me my grandmother spoke High German.

I would say my cooking is influenced by my grandparents....soups, noodle dishes, dumplings and coffee cakes.

These delicately beaded earrings, with a tiny brown velvet bow, also belonged to her.

Each sequin has a tiny bead sewn in the center. The small balls are as light weight as a cotton ball.

My Grandmother was a beautiful lady who loved pretty dresses and pretty hats.

Meggie Mac


  1. Meggie, this is a wonderful post. Your grandmother was a beautiful woman..and that is a beautiful hat/Easter bonnet, very feminine and romantic with the roses and the tulle. You are very fortunate to be able to link the two together, so many family treasures and histories get lost down the years.

    1. Hi Elaine....When my grandmother died, it was my mother and myself that went through all of her personal things. There was so much. I saved as much as possible. I have some of her dishes that came over from Germany with her parents. I am very "lucky". Now I'm searching my Scottish Heritage from my Dad...looking for all the Macs', back to Scotland.

  2. Absolutely adore the hat! That made the post interesting, but the story about your grandmother was wonderful. How nice that you can trace your family back like that. I went to high school in a little Kansas town where some of the kids had grandparents that spoke German and little English. One brother is tracing our family and gets it lost somewhere in the South on one side and in the back hills of Arkansas on the other.

  3. This was a lovely post I adored the story along with the beautiful treasures.....just perfect!

  4. What a stylish lady, and how wonderful to have such beautiful photos of her, and some of her possessions.

  5. Such beautiful heirlooms Meggie, the photo's are amazing, she was one beautiful lady. x

  6. Very beautiful photos and very beautiful memories. It is very important not to forget our family history and tell it to our children. That time all memories and photos become alive forever..

  7. Hi Meggie, thanks for your comment........the cross stitch covered button is my own design, but very easy to do, you may be able to get one in kit form online though........if you look at the crafty blogs around blogland there is usually plenty of swaps going on which you could join........I've not been brave enough to host my own swap as yet. xx


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