Saturday, March 17, 2012


St Patrick's Day....

Shamrocks and Leprechauns.....

There are 36.9 million US residents who claim Irish Ancestry.

Meggie Mac


  1. Hi Meggie, my mum was in labour with me on St Patrick's day and when it got to midnight, the nurses said 'oh what a shame, you've missed it' but I don't think she really cared at that point! I will be celebrating my birthday and mother's day tomorrow. Happy St Patrick's day! xxx

    1. Hi Emma...Well, Happy Birthday. Is that the same as Mothering Day? Mothers Day in the USA is in May.

  2. Hi Meggie. Hope you enjoyed your St Patricks day! I too have Irish roots and my youngest granddaughter's mum was born in Dublin.She went to her first parade last St Patricks day when she was only weeks old, she will not be allowed to forget her irish roots!

  3. Hi Anne....My ancestry is Scottish and German. But who knows, there may be some Irish in my family. I think it is good to remember where you came from. It's amazing how many Americans have some Irish roots.
    By the way, I spent the day in the garden where everything is green!

  4. With the exception of a general British ancestry, I have no idea where my ancestors come from (except the South and the back hills of Arkansas). My father was born in Shamrock, Texas a small town that has a 3-day celebration for St. Patrick's Day. The town was named by an Irish immigrant in the 1800's -- enough reason to celebrate.


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