Thursday, June 28, 2012

Show and Tell Cake Stand

As promised in Tuesday Post comments, this is the lovely Shell Pink Milk Glass Pedestal Cake Stand that held the bunch of grapes. It was made by the Jeannette Glass Company , circa late 1950"s.

The 10" diameter top has a starburst in the center, encircled with a raised ribbed and diamond pattern. The raised edge is decorated with hobnails.

Turning the cake plate over, you can see the interesting tear-drop shape raised edge.

A Birthday Cake or Mother's Day Cake would be the center of attention, served on this vintage cake stand.

Hope you have enjoyed another Show and Tell .....

Meggie Mac


  1. That is gorgeous! I love glass cake stands, and have a number I've bought in Charity Shops. My beloved has suggested that we really have enough now- we don't eat that many cakes!!

    blessings xx

    1. I believe I also bought my cake stand at a thrift store. I've owned it for about 20 years...

  2. I'm in love with it.....and pink on top of it all....I bet cakes just look divine resting on this work of art!

  3. It is a work of art, and your photographs are wonderful!

  4. What a very beautiful, very grand cake stand...........I absolutely love it. x

  5. Hmmmm, 1950...a really good year, teehee! I love the cake stand and can just picture a strawberry cake with pink icing setting on it - waiting for the tea party in the garden. I'll be over at 2:00!! XOXO

  6. Ohh you have a very beautiful, elegant, and precious cake stand.. It seems so romantic expecially the soft pink color is wonderfull..:))

  7. Beautiful and white!



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