Thursday, August 9, 2012

Show and Tell from Belgium

This delightful small bowl has been stored away for quite some time. As with most things I have collected, I'm not sure of any history connected with it. But, one thing for sure, it is the only item I have from Belgium.

In fact, until today, I didn't remember that it was marked with these words. Have you seen this mark before? It appears to be hand written.

                                Do you think the large flowers are chrysanthemums?

Even with a small chip or two, it is still a bowl that can be admired for its beauty and age.

A personal note: Earlier this year, I wrote a post about My Mom, the Cowgirl. The last few weeks my Mom's health has been failing. With the selling of my farm and the moving to Das Kleine Haus, I am now faced with the selling of my mother's home.

Consequently, some days, there is no time left for posting or commenting. Hopefully, things will soon settle down to a more regular routine. Thank you for your continued support of my blog. I do, so much, appreciate you.....

Meggie Mac


  1. Hi Meggie, just been catching up with your posts. Didn't realise I had missed so many. The parade looks wonderful, you live in such a lovely place, I would love to live in a small town where everyone knows each other. Maybe someday. Sorry to hear about your mother, it seems you have a lot on your plate at the moment and I hope everything goes ok. Please don't worry about commenting or anything, we are your friends whatever happens and love reading your blog. Take care and lots of love and hugs xxx

  2. I love the way the colours on the bowl look as though they have run. So much to do but remember to make some time for yourself.
    Jane x

  3. What a stressful time this must be for you. You seem to be handling with your usual grace. Best wishes to you and your mother!

  4. It is a beautiful bowl! Sorry to hear your Mom is not doing well. You do have a lot going on. Just take care of what you need to and no worries on the posting bit.

  5. That is a beautiful bowl and I wish I knew something about it for you. Please don't worry about no time for blogging, I've just been saying I've no time because of working which seems now a poor excuse as you have real things to worry about! Hugs Suzy x

  6. I collect "Flow Blue" so I very partial to this post--lovely pieces. Just focus on what you need to now; we'll all be here when you need us. Love you, XOXO

  7. Lovely bowl. Take a look at Google, I think you find it there.


  8. Hi Meggie, the bowl is gorgeous. Blue and white china are timeless really arent they?

  9. We appreciate you too Meggie, which is why we'll be here when we're needed and why we're thinking of you at this time of such change.x


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