Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unique Vintage Collectable

In packing up for the move to Das Kleine Haus, I'm uncovering all sorts of things tucked away.

I'm guessing this vintage pale yellow oval platter doesn't come with a high price tag. Many years ago, I picked up two identical platters at a flee-market, for just a few dollars.

There are no identifying marks to solve the mystery of the company who made the platter. It has a Pennsylvania Dutch look in the flower border.

click to enlarge
The very detailed scene is of a barn-raising. It appears, the neighbors are there for the day's activities.

Do you, by chance, recognize this design?

Meggie Mac


  1. I've never seen anything like it - but its very pretty. Jx

  2. What a lovely platter. Such a clever depiction of the barn-raising - with the men doing the heavy work and the women folk preparing the picnic.

  3. Wish I knew the maker but it is a charming platter! xo Linda

  4. ...and the women preparing the food! What a beautiful piece and keepsake. XOXO

  5. Barn raisings always make me think of the Amish (Pennsylvania Dutch) or the Quakers. In fact, it's still practiced in the US.

  6. I am a lover of all things vintage ... particularly platters and bowls ... your plate is such a pretty piece! Love the Amish feel of that illustration! Perhaps you might find information on Ebay ... search the auctions for a similar pieces and then read what folks have to say about them ... just a thought.

    Thanks for joining me at The Spice Garden! It's always nice to see new faces!

  7. This is an enchanting pattern. My mother has a complete 8-piece dinner set and doesn't know the maker either. I searched and came up empty. Should you find the maker, please post for others "in search of" like me.

    Thanks for posting this pic!

  8. Found the manufacturer and pattern - Royal China "Bucks County". Pattern can be found on eBay and Supporting info links:



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