Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Hunter's Delight


In Texas, October brings cooler weather. For the men, in this small community it means.... Hunting Season is just around the corner!

I remembered this sign from last year. Actually, it was a hand-written sign the first time I saw it. I'm thinking it was so successful, they were able to purchase this printed one. 

Back side of Town Square buildings

Check out my post on the Court House On the Square that you see in the background of the above photo.

When thinking about what the sign says, I must admit it brought on a chuckle. On the other hand, I know how serious the men take their hunting seasons.

My son hunts.....something he learned from his father and their family. It was always a "big to do" in November. The men packed up their gear, while the women prepared lots of food, including my special pecan pies, to sustain them.

What I remember most about it, was the fact that our freezer had deer steaks, chili meat and plenty of pecan smoked sausage for the rest of the year. Our family has always eaten whatever the men brought home from the hunt.

Meggie Mac

On a personal note: Thank you all for the wonderful response and hopeful words on yesterday's post. I do appreciate your support of my blog. Sweet sorrow made me think of today's post, when my children's father and my son would be so excited about Hunting Season.

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