Monday, April 21, 2014

Red Poppies...from Flanders Fields to Monday's Country Backroads

It was early morning, and the dew was still clinging to the flowers and grass.
What comes to mind is the famous poem by John McCrea, "In Flanders Fields".
Back in 2013, I wrote about the "Buddy Poppy", quoting the poem. Click HERE to read this post.
Simply in awe of their beauty, covered in water droplets.
Also during World War I, was a local Texan, Henry Purl Compton, serving in the American Expeditionary Forces. He sent red poppy seeds, from Europe, to his mother in Georgetown, Texas.
The Flanders seeds continued to re-seed year after year. Georgetown is now known as the Red Poppy Capital of Texas, celebrating every Spring with a festival.
They have a very unusual seed pod....
that starts with a "nod".
Right before blooming, it lifts its head to open the bloom.
Gardening Notes: Add Red Poppies to my seed list.
How about adding them to your list?
Meggie Mac


  1. these are lovely and what a cool story, our fields are presently splashing out all over the place...

  2. Oh, these are so lovely...a sight to see.
    Beautiful pictures.

  3. Particularly significant this year.
    Jane x

  4. Beautiful. Some of my neighbors grow poppies, and I love them, but don't have enough sun in my yard.

  5. Yes, I'm adding them to my list! They are beautiful and I love that they reseed.

  6. They are breathtaking! I definitely want to plant some.


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