Sunday, April 27, 2014

Traveling on the Isle of Skye...Portree Parish Church

I must admit while visiting Portree, the main town on Skye, not enough care was taken when photographing the Portree Parish Church.
The doors are open during the summer months. My daughter and I were traveling Scotland in
St Columba and St Taraglen are depicted in stained glass windows. If you will click HERE, it will link you to Undiscovered Scotland. This site gives you beautiful photos of the interior, especially the stained glass windows.
It sits higher than the walkways and is surrounded with a decorative iron fence.
Here is a quote from Scotland's Churches Trust:
"St Columba brought Christianity to Skye and the ruins of earlier churches are to be seen in and around Portree. The present building was built as a Free Church in 1854, became the United Free Church in 1900 and the Church of Scotland in 1929"
I did say it was was glorious weather that day. In fact, our entire trip was blessed with fair weather.
Meggie Mac
Linking today with inspired Sunday. Click HERE to view other churches.


  1. I have always wanted to visit the Isle of Skye, it doesn't surprize me that they would have such lovely churches and you did have great Autumn weather.

    1. Autumn weather, in Scotland, is long as you are prepared for changes!

  2. those doors are amazing!! gorgeous architecture. ( :

  3. Love the stone! You only see that on old churches now.

  4. Looks wonderful Meggie. Do you know I have only ever been once to Scotland in my life and feel a visit is way overdue!

  5. It's hard to believe that your blue skies were Scotland in October!!! Jx

  6. Ahh I see you did make it to Scotland Meggie, and to one of my favourite places in the world, I looove Portree and fell in love with it when we visited. The weather was perfect for our trip too. Isn't it such a stunning part of the world, Skye.

  7. Such a strong fine church with all that stone!

  8. Stone churches are so regal. I also love those doors!

  9. Nice photo tour! If you get lucky with the weather, you get fabulous light in Scotland.

  10. Wonderful old stone church! I checked out the link. When my Mom & I traveled to Ireland it was in October, also, and we had great weather for nine of ten days! We will so fortunate, as were you!

  11. That is a lovely old church. I like the unique shape to the windows. Thanks for sharing.


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