Monday, April 28, 2014

White Prickly Poppies are the Star of Monday's Country Backroads

As the bluebonnets begin to fade, the Texas White Prickly Poppy is now the bright white bouquet dotting the hillsides. It is a large flower, with delicate petals and a cluster of bright yellow and red stamens.
The plant has great medicinal usage, especially by the native American Indians. If not used properly, it can be very toxic. 
It is said that the deer and cows will not eat the prickly covered foliage, even in times of drought.
This is an incredible scene that I wish you, my dear readers could enjoy with a trip to Texas in the Spring.
Thank you, for following along with another ride through....
the country back roads.
Meggie Mac


  1. the White Poppy is beautiful, I've never seen any here or anywhere for that matter. I can imagine that last fully flowered field in its splendour but know it is something else to be standing right beside it, gorgeous shots.

  2. This year I have not be able to manage the time to take photos of each wildflower that is blooming. Texas has a huge variety of species. With the wide open space of the prairie, it only accentuates the rolling hills of flowers. I do believe they are native to North and South America.

  3. What a gorgeous poppy. They make quite the display just like our tulips do in May. Deb

    1. The difference in our weather, makes it difficult for me to imagine tulips in May. It was 93 degrees yesterday, on the prairie.

  4. Simply stunning! Nature has a way of putting colours together in a way we just cannot replicate.
    Jane x

  5. How lovely! I would love to see Texas in the springtime, but coming from NW Wisconsin, I'll save that trip for February. :-)

  6. It would be so wonderful to see fields of prickly poppy. Nature at its best.

  7. Such a gorgeous wildflower! I also always adored the Blue Bells (Blue Gentian) that would bloom in summer in very rare spots. It's what Bluebell Ice Cream is named for. They are stunning wildflowers!


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