Wednesday, April 23, 2014

On the Hunt....with Wild Bird Wednesday

Looking for a post title was not easy. The Black Vulture is a scary looking creature.
I was on the Bluff, where I have taken so many photos of nature. Click HERE to read a post about the historical brewery on The Bluff.
The Bluff is an area about 200' high, overlooking the Colorado River and the nearby small town.

I was afraid if I tried to get closer, my movements would make him fly away. The Colorado River is in the background.
We must not forget, the Black Vulture plays a very important, but many times under-appreciated role, in the ecosystem.
Either, he doesn't know I am watching....or, he does know, and isn't threaten by me.
Meggie Mac
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  1. He is a magnificent looking creature!
    Jane x

    1. I read quite a bit about them before doing the post....Not exactly a songbird, but they do have an important role to play.

  2. Not the best looking creature in the world - but when you spend your life clearing up corpses, I don't suppose good looks are needed!

    I saw a few vultures on a recent trip to Arizona - but did not get any pictures.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Beautiful view, and a majestic bird -- even if he is a vulture!

  4. What an interesting bird! We have turkey vultures around here. They're huge!!

  5. Interesting bird. He is actually quite handsome.
    The vultures in PA are not so attractive !

  6. Hi Meggie Yes a bird that gets bad press however a very necessary to nature to have it around. Great photos of it.

  7. One of my favorite birds! Wonderful shots!

  8. Vau, I have never seen a bird like that! Amazing place and you lucky girl!

  9. That is quite some bird - and the view is amazing. Wonderful shots, Meggie.

  10. Hi! That bird gives me chills! LOL He is rather scary looking! Beautiful photos, I am new to your blog and am your newest follower.


  11. A large and majestic bird . . . I like vultures.

  12. Came over because of InSPIRED Sunday (I was a little late looking, and didn't participate this time) and have discovered your lovely blog, filled with such interesting things! Will visit again! Love the vulture. He seems uninterested in you entirely! Great shots of the Colorado. We used to live in Texas, near Giddings...worked in Round Top at the Festival Institute.


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