Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Down My Garden Path Wednesday....Calla Lily and Mutiplying Onions

Would you be surprised to learn that Calla Lilies are not true lilies?
The flower was first cataloged in the mid 1700's.
 To find out why the name is so misleading,
 click HERE 
to read it's history.
Elegant comes to mind,
when describing the bloom.
For centuries, the Calla Lily has been
 a much sought after flower.
It is often used in bridal bouquets.
I have a habit of buying plants on a whim.
Because of this habit, I have what I call "a holding bed".
It is a small area where I place them,
 until I find the perfect spot for a permanent planting.
As you can see,
 I never did get around to planting my calla lilies.
They decided to bloom anyway !
The daylilies have been spectacular this year.
 This one, a real eye catching color, is dark maroon.
For a closer look, click on each photo
All of them are tagged,
 but unfortunately I have covered the tags with mulch.
So, until Autumn when they die back,
 I will call this one "Orange Sherbet".
Apparently I have found the perfect spot for coleus to show off.
It has finally warmed up enough for the tomatoes to grow.
This was taken after a rain shower.
The vegetable garden has produced a bumper crop
 of red and yellow onions.
Finally....the multiplying onions.
Have you ever grown them?
Adding the fork, in the photo, gives you some idea of their size.
 The golden pear shape tomatoes are a great addition for salads.
See how the onions separate?
The idea is to save some for replanting.
 Each replant can grow multiple onions to harvest.
Meggie Mac
"No Occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth,
and no culture comparable to the garden."
Thomas Jefferson


  1. You tempted me today with all your garden. I love fresh veggies, especially tomatoes and little green onions.

    1. I enjoy my fresh veggies, too. Soon I will be having cucumbers...

  2. Everything looks wonderful Meggie. We were at the allotment last evening and were chatting about how disappointed we are with the onions we planted this year - your Texan onions have done much better than our Lancashire ones are doing!

    1. Oh Scarlet, I just took a look at your gardening post....such lovely blooms. I think our gardening style must be similar.

  3. Calla lilies, I love them.. All your photos are wonderful. Happy soon to be Thursday with love Janice

    1. Thanks Janice....I've added you blog to my list. love the music on your blog. It's from one of my favorite movies !

  4. I have never seen call lilies, they are beautiful. As for produce, we have two artichokes but nothing else... not our best year but it is early still. x

    1. I think you can grow them in Scotland. At least, you could give it a try as a potted plant. I saw the photo of your artichokes. I remember you were having one for dinner !


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