Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Down My Garden Path Wednesday.....Cleomes Mixed with Purple Verbenas

Have you ever tried growing Cleomes ?
There are many good reasons to give them a try.
The flowers are quite showy, as they grow through-out the summer,
 to 8" size balls of blossoms. 
They seem to be quite at home with shrubs and perennials.
And, the best news is......
 Humming Birds love them. 
Click on the photo
Another flower that does well in my Texas Flower Garden, is the verbena.
With purple being one of my favorite colors, I always include several of these plants.
What I like about them is their ability to grow,
 trailing and intertwining, in the nearby plants.
Blue Daze is another plant
 that looks so nice grown near Artemisia.
Even though my purple salvia has taken a beating from the recent hard rains,
you can see how beautiful it is mixed with the gray-green color of Artemisia.
If you enjoyed my Garden Path post today,
look for updates next Wednesday....
Meggie Mac
"Give me odorous at sunrise
a garden of beautiful flowers
where I can walk undisturbed."
Walt Whitman


  1. I LOVE Cleomes and have grown them before. Next to Zinnias and Morning Glories, they are one of my favorite annuals. Your garden is so colorful and happy...hope you're loving your Prairie home, my friend, XOXO

  2. Hello Susan....In some ways, all the rains have helped....but, in some instances, I see plants drowning in the water. Texas is in trouble right now. I hear the Brazos River has crested at 54 feet.

  3. I like your white Cleomes. I grew some fuscia colored Cleomes several years ago but they reseeded so bad I had to get rid of them. Every year I still have one or two come up and I let them grow for a while..I still like to enjoy them but am careful not to let them go to yours reseed themselves??

    1. This variety is called cleome hassleriana 'Helen Campbell'. The blossom is particularly fragrant...some are not at all. It does re-seed and I'm very happy for it to do this. They are easy to pull up if you do not wish to have them again. I love my garden to be "crowded", so re-seeding is not a problem for me. I believe it is the hybrids that don't reseed.


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