Sunday, June 5, 2016

Praha Texas Catholic Church.....for InSPIREd Sunday

Recently renovated, St. Mary's Church,
 is part of the famous "Painted Churches of Texas"
It is located in the community of Praha,
 the Czech spelling of Prague.
Established in 1865, the parish had a small beginning,
 that eventually grew to 200 families.
The current stone edifice was started in 1892.
This is the view when you first enter.
Click on any photo to view closer
Immediately your eyes are drawn to the beautiful hand-painted ceilings,
 by Swiss born fresco artist, Gottfried Flurry.
The organ pipes are visible from the choir loft.
It renews my faith,
each and every time I enter one of our Painted Churches.
During the day, you will always find
 an open door.....
Meggie Mac 
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  1. I have to say, there's never been a Catholic church that I've been in that hasn't been impressive--this is no exception. Beautiful and thank you for sharing, XOXO

    1. Thanks, Susan....enjoyed your news via email.

  2. I love the inside of this church! So beautiful!

    1. And to is located almost in the middle of nowhere. The community population is down to 90 people. But there is mass every week !

  3. Replies
    1. Hello, Tom.....I think you would enjoy photographing these painted churches !

  4. hey there friend, glad to see you this week. hope you are well. what a beauty, love the indoors. so so fancy! ( :

  5. As the saying goes, you can't tell a book by it' s cover. A beautiful church inside

  6. Beautiful!! I enjoyed your photos very much! :)

  7. Great work. Raising fund for building new home of worship requires a lot of members. But when the manpower is limited one can try non-profit church loan . It is also easy and reliable way.


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