Friday, January 27, 2017

Finding Natural Color in January....for Friday Fences

Even though my part of Texas
 has seen some harsh weather conditions in the last few weeks,
 there is still beauty to be found.
 What comes to mind are color names like...
 Burnt Sienna, Burnt Orange or Rusty Brown.
How would you describe it?
Friday is here
 and, I am looking forward to a garden project.
Enjoy your day.
Meggie Mac


  1. I choose Rusty Brown. :) Our predominant color here in MO this month has been gray. We've had such a cloudy month and I'm already longing for spring! Thanks for your visit, I need to get you back on my blog list in my sidebar. I lost mine awhile back and I have been missing some blog friends. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Hello Cheryl...thanks for your comment. We've had some gray days here too.

  2. I choose beautiful....there is just something about this photo that is so appealing.

    1. Thanks, Rose.....I felt the same way after reviewing it....even the fence post took on a bluish look....For the record, I didn't tweak the colors.

  3. I agree with Rose - something about that shot. I'm useless with colours; my mother used to paint and could see so many different hues and shades where I just saw 'green' or 'brown'!

    1. Hello Mike....I've also been a painter in my earlier life. That's really where those color names came from, in my post.


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