Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wind Waves on the Prairie.....

Just look at this pond....usually it's as smooth as glass.
This past week end, relentless 35mph winds pounded us.
I had to laugh....I could feel my earrings swinging in the wind,
 while I was trying to photograph.
Posing for the camera, this young calf has his winter coat on.
The weather in January has been strange, to say the least.
One week our temperatures dipped down to 21 degrees (felt like 11).
Can you believe the following week it was in the 80's ? 
Meggie Mac


  1. When I was trying to snag a quick video of some snow geese this past weekend, it was hard to stand still because of the wind. It is never just totally calm around here.

    1. The same here....we have very few days without some wind. Thanks for your comment.


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