Monday, March 13, 2017

A Gaggle of Mailboxes ....for Monday's Country Back Roads

Can three qualify as a gaggle?
Maybe cluster is the more appropriate term.
This particular backroad is one of my favorite and most traveled.
It leads me to a small town where I do a great deal of my shopping.
As with most of these roads I travel on, not much has changed over the years.
Yes... the trees have grown taller,
and some of the older wooden buildings are leaning just a little bit more.
 Come Spring, I can always count on finding the bluebonnets in the same spots.
All the rain, in February and March, has made everything green-up quickly.
 Our state flower, The Bluebonnet, is beginning to show along the countryside.
The temperature has turned crisp this morning....
As I walk around, I can feel the soft rain saturated ground beneath my feet.
This truly is a beautiful spot to share with you.
Meggie Mac


  1. Lovely. I'm intrigued by the conundrum of a collective noun for a group of mailboxes - can I suggest'a correspondence of mailboxes'?

    1. Hello Mike.....your suggestion is a good one, but it may be a little too formal for our laid-back Texans...laughing.

  2. You do have a beautiful drive into town. We actually do have a gaggle of mail boxes up at the road that don't look nearly as neat and pretty as yours.

    1. Thanks....sorry to see you had more snow. I hope the fruit trees make it without losing the blooms.

  3. Wild flowers! Is there anything more beautiful? -happy sigh-

    You are so lucky that your old road, has not changed much. Around here, the old roads, where you could take a nice Sun. afternoon ride, have changed. More homes have been built, along them. And those people, living there, are in a hurry to get places. So to meander, like a Sun. drive should be..... Can't do it, any more.

    Sorry for the complaint. -grin- Be happy, about your old road!

  4. Perhaps a "huddle of mailboxes" ?

  5. Love the mailboxes--homeowners can be so creative. Are those Blue Bonnets blooming? I've been to Texas once during the height of their blooming time and was blown away!

  6. I can see why it is a favorite road to the Blue Bonnets.


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