Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lemons and Tomatoes...for a Wednesday Garden Update

The dream of growing my own citrus fruit... 
It seems I will be getting my wish
 from these unopened blooms, that will grow my first lemons.
In fact, some have already opened.
The name is Meyer Lemon Tree......
 and you may click HERE to read about them.
Just look....tiny lemons have begun to form
Let's do the  math....
I paid $35.00 for the tree. At 50 cents per lemon (store bought)
It will need to produce 70 lemons to pay for the tree. 
With the tree blooming twice a year,
I think it's an achievable goal.

My Early Girl Tomatoes
Because they produce fruit in about 50 days,
 I always plant at least 2 or 3 plants.
Do you grow Early Girl Tomatoes?
Click HERE
to read about them.
It just may convince you to give them a try.
If they continue to grow at this pace,
 I will be  enjoying fresh sliced tomatoes in less than a month.
Meggie Mac


  1. The blossom on the lemon tree is beautiful. It will be months before we have tomatoes, depending on the amount of sunshine we get, but I couldn't cope with your Texas heat!

    1. I know it would be difficult for you.....sometimes I struggle with it when it reaches 100 degrees or more.

  2. I'd love to grow citrus fruit but Scotland doesn't offer the right climate. Most years, not even tomatoes will ripen! Good luck with your veg growing.

  3. Wish it were warm enough here (through the winter) for a Lemon Tree to grow. I bet the flowers smell so good. - We use to grow tomatoes but since we live in an agricultural area and there are plenty of farmers markets we just buy them now.

  4. I am wishing it was warm enough to event think about planting...though it won't be long now.

  5. Seeing your tomato plants has me wanting to plant some this year. It's still way too cold here in Missouri, with possibility of snow flurries later this week. If I planted tomatoes now they would freeze their a..phids off. This year I might stand a chance of getting some for us to eat, instead of the squirrels chewing up all of them. Our herd of squirrels was culled by a great big red tailed hawk this winter who was just passing through our neighborhood for a while.

    This is the time of year I really start getting antsy to get outside and play in the garden.

  6. I can almost taste those tomatoes! I bought two lemons today 99 cents each! Yours are looking good and what fun to raise your own:)

  7. I can't wait until our tomatoes are ready here in NC...homegrown is the best! I'm going to give a try at an Avocado tree, but your lemons also look inviting, XOXO

  8. I have a lemon tree at mamas house though I'm not sure wish lemon.. and the price is just silly I got a big bag from my sons a few weeks ago and they were so juicy I couldn't believe it... I love lemons and use them all the time. Tomatoes yes I plant but the ladt two years they have gotten infested with bugs I bought two this year but I set for bugs again.. ugh.. never had such a problem.. goid luck with yours though.. Hapoy weekend with love Janice


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