Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish and Green for the Day.....on Friday's Fences

The entrance gate of this beautiful green fence,
have the words "Shamrock" and "Lucky" displayed,
 along with an Irish surname.
I checked my map...
 and there is a town located in the Texas Panhandle, 
named Shamrock.
We also have a Dublin, located in central Texas.
My own special Leprechaun....
According to Wikipedia, a 2013 census shows
there are 33.3 million Americans who reported Irish Heritage,
 and 3 million who claim Scots-Irish Heritage.
It's no wonder there are so many parades and celebrations for this holiday.
Happy St Patrick's Day....
Meggie Mac
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  1. Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!

    Parts of both of our heritage, came from County Cork. Mine, from Churchtown, County Cork. I have an old, old needlepoint sampler, "to prove it." :-)

  2. Happy St Patrick's Day! My mother always claimed we had some Irish blood, who am I to disagree, especially today. That Shamrock cushion is lovely, but the fence in the meadow is absolutely beautiful!

    1. Hello Elaine.....I probably have a little Irish in me too. That ranch and fencing is one of my favorites. It is on the road to my son's home.

  3. I've never been crazy about the color green, but it is beautiful on St Patrick's Day! Hope you've had a happy one!

  4. Oh, that fence shot...that would make the best watercolor painting!


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