Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Pass Along Plants to Share...for a Wednesday Garden Update

The color is almost too beautiful for words.
When I first bought the bungalow,
my neighbor shared these irises from her garden.
It was some years ago that I purchased a book called "Passalong Plants"
by Steve Bender and Felder Rushing.
My friend's gift of irises, reminded me of the book.

The pass along term can also be applied to the yellow sedum.
Every place a pinch is dropped, it takes root.
And....if you look closely to the brick,
 tiny Katie Ruellias have sprouted. 
The Ruellia is the plant to the left of the sedum.
Mine bloom purple and pink during the summer months.
Since I love the look of a natural (unruly) garden,
I will leave some to grow in the walkways.
The others will be pulled and potted to be given as...
you guessed it...
Pass Along Flowers!
Another returning flower is the Rudbeckia (upright green foliage).
 As it warms up, they will begin to bloom with flowers you may know
 as Black-Eyed Susans.
While the temperature is still cool, the sweet alyssum will continue to bloom.
And now...turning to the vegetables.
It will be a race against the heat, to see if the broccoli has time to mature.
After so much rain this past week,
 I'm sure the red oak leaf lettuce will soon be ready for the salad bowl.
Last for this post...
here is a little gadget I purchased to help.
I'm anxious to see how it works with tiny carrot seeds.
Have you ever tried a Seed Sower?
Meggie Mac


  1. Pass along plants, sounds lovely!

    You are so lucky, that only nice things, grow between the stones. Our patio mostly seems to get crab grass. -sigh-

    Some moss is nice, but not too much. Wish I had flowering things, want to take root, on the patio. But mostly crab grass. It seems so silly, when one has to weed-wack a patio.

    Good luck with your growing, before the heat sets in!!!!!!!!!

    1. I guess after pulling weeds so many times by the roots, they give up on trying to grow between the stones. Thanks for stopping by with a comment.

  2. That blue is exquisite and your garden is a place I would love to visit. You definitely have green fingers and an eye for beauty. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post.

    1. Hello Elaine....if you could visit, I would be sending you home with some "pass along" plants, including a start from my very blue iris.

  3. Your garden is lovely. I haven't tried the seed gadget, but I can only imagine it would be useful for carrot seeds!

    1. Thanks Michelle....the seed sower worked for the radish seeds, so I'm hopeful it will work for carrot seeds.

  4. I need one of those little seed sowers! You have such a beautiful garden. I have a big box of Iris tubers now that I need to give away. I keep forgetting about them. This is such a nice post.

    1. Your neighbors will thank you, especially if you can find someone that just moved in. It makes a great "welcoming basket" to share.

  5. I love pass along plants! I also love your description of your garden. I read that book from our library. Checked it out a couple of times.

    1. Hello Debbie....I remember you are a gardener too. If you were my neighbor, I would be happy to pass along some of my iris rhizomes and several pots of the ruellias.

  6. When I was a kid, and young woman, all the women passed along plants, cuttings, etc. I never see anyone do that now, but then I am not out much. LOL

    I enjoyed these photos....

    1. Hello are correct when you say we see pass along less today. It probably happens more when you are part of a garden club. There are things that were truly better in "the good old days". Trading and pass along of plants encouraged connection and friendship. I will always remember when my new neighbor shared the iris gift from her garden.


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