Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Fences

At first glance, the gate may not seem so special. But the more I look at the photo, I realize the effort someone put into designing, cutting and assembling the gate.
The three diamond shapes are cut from a single piece of wood.
On the very same road, I see what appears to be an apartment, in a vintage stone building.
These are not perfectly cut stones.
I wonder what the story is behind these metal shutters.
They definitely look like they were made for protection. Maybe it was simply to keep out the hot sun.
After all, today it was 93 degrees on the prairie.
Meggie Mac
I'm joining with Jan 'n Jers Friday Fences


  1. Both the gate and the building are beautiful... love the rusty theme of all the photos!

  2. Thanks....rusty and rustic, I do believe. I had forgotten about the rusty post for a fence rail. I loved the lamb photo in your Friday, May 10th post.

  3. It seems like metal would be a poor material for insulating against the heat. Maybe it's to protect against dust storms?

  4. Those shutters are wonderful as was the sweet fence....Have a good weekend! Heidi

  5. It would be cool to know the history of that building. Then I'm sure those metal shutters would be explained. Maybe it was a prison, or a place of shelter, if the town was being attacked. They do look very impressive and protective. It's a beautiful building :)

  6. I love the gate, but those shutters are magnificent! XOXO


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