Friday, May 24, 2013

RS Germany Porcelain for Thursday Show and Tell

What I love about Thursday's Show and Tell, is the opportunity for me to share some of the items I have collected over the years.

 I don't recall ever paying very much for my finds. After all, for me, that is part of the fun.....something so beautiful for a bargain.

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I really wish you could see this pierced plate in person.  My appreciation of the soft colors and fine finish on the porcelain was renewed today, as I was photographing it.

In this photo you see a green leaf with a "shadow" of a leaf painted just below it.

This porcelain was first produced by Reinhold Schlegelmilch. The factory became more successful from the work of his son. Some of the history I read was a little confusing. I have also collected some other items marked with "RS Tillowitz" and "RS Prussia".

Zooming in, you can see the careful detail in each flower.


I'm thinking this close-up would be lovely framed, and hanging on a bedroom wall.

Last March, I wrote a post (click HERE) showing this plate from RS Germany.

It is equally as beautiful.....

Meggie Mac


  1. Beautiful porcelain and stunning photos, Meggie. So pleased it is appreciated and enjoyed.

  2. Magnificent hand painted plates Meggie.. Both close ups , would make a great picture.. black and white in big frames..
    I love porcelain.
    Thank you for sharing these lovely plates ..
    happy weekend

  3. Gorgeous plates and I definitely think you should frame some pictures of them..

  4. Its beautiful.....lovely show and tell, Heidi

  5. I love your porcelain Show & Tell. Beautiful work and the artistry to create such pieces. Thank you for sharing, XOXO

  6. You have given me a new appreciation for fine porcelain!


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