Monday, May 27, 2013



Memorial Day 2013

 As I promised in my post, "Observing a Mural Artist at Work",  here is the completed right side of the mural. The purpose of the mural is to honor the towns railroad history and to honor our veterans. Click HERE if you would like to read this post.

Meggie Mac


  1. I should have posted a photo of our town square....there must be about 80 of them surrounding the courthouse. It is truly a beautiful sight to see!

  2. Oh, I love that your Texas bluebonnets are pictured around the bottom of the flagpole.

    1. Dearest Scarlet.....I'm so happy you noticed the bluebonnets. The mural is very impressive, when you stand before it.

  3. Beautiful! I love seeing murals. The artist has done a fantastic job. I love the photo of him painting what looks to be right in front of the train.
    Hope your Memorial Day was a nice one...have a great week!


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