Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Fences and a Grotto

I have noticed that most of the older cemeteries, in the area where I live, have some metal fencing. Sometimes it is only around one particular family plot. But, many times, the entire cemetery is surrounded by the old fencing.

The road, that passes by the church and cemetery, is one that I travel several times a week.

The cemetery and church are located high on a hill. To get to the next small town, I continue down this road winding around The Bluff, until I reach the valley.

I find the old gate open.....

 Showing rust, but still withstanding time.

          Walking toward the back of the cemetery, the valley below becomes more visible.

This area was settled in 1856, when families arrived from Czechoslovakia. The first marked grave was in 1866.

Most passers-by come to see the Grotto, that was built in 1929. The Grotto is a reproduction of the world-renowned shrine of miracles in Lourdes, France. If you would like to read more about the building of the Grotto, click HERE.

Photographing at the edge of the grotto, the cemetery can be seen in the background.

All seems so peaceful, as I stand there for a few moments.... taking in the view of the valley below.

Meggie Mac

I'm joining with Jan n' Jer's Friday Fences.


  1. i love old cemeteries - so cool!! great stones & decorative fences. nice shots. ( :

  2. Thanks, Beth....It is really a peaceful spot to take a few minutes to reflect. Lots of history there....

  3. I love old iron fences, in fact when I was a kid our backyard was fenced in with and old iron fence that my father got from a cemetery that was being redone.

  4. Fascinating that they chose to build a replica of the Lourdes grotto in that little cemetary.I dont find cemetaries scary I find them very peaceful and relaxing.

  5. Hej maggie, nice fences again. That cemetary is in a beautiful place. And I agree with Anne, I mostly experience cemetaries as peacful and relaxing. Time for thinking. Groetjes Gerda (And enjoy your weekend).


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