Sunday, October 8, 2017

A Church Once Rolled on Logs...for InSPIREd Sunday

Can you imagine a building this size moved by rolling logs under it?
That is exactly what happened in 1873.
Of course, in 1873, the car and truck traffic was not an issue.
But, I live on this prairie....
 and I know these rolling hills must have been a challenge,
 for a move such as this.
Using the name Union Church, from 1885-1913,
several faiths shared this sanctuary.
It was reorganized in 1927 as First Baptist Church.
(Information obtained from:  )
So you are curious why there is a sign "Not An Entrance"...
I was, too.
Fortunately while I was taking the photographs, someone stepped outside the church.
It was the music director.
She was kind enough to give me a quick tour inside and explain the sign on the door.
The old church building is now being used as their Fellowship Hall,
 with entrance through the new construction.
What a wonderful way to tie the two buildings together.
While touring...she said the bell,
still in the old bell tower,
 is rung on Sunday morning.
The windows also remain in the 1800's structure.
The newest construction is where the Sunday Morning Services are held.
Enjoy your Sunday...
Meggie Mac
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jim...loved your photo linked to InSPIREd Sunday..

  2. amazes me that churches were often moved years ago with little or no equipment.

    1. Hello Tom....wouldn't you like to see that in action? Surely the bell tower was removed first.

  3. I cannot imagine this church was moved with logs.

    1. I'm not exactly sure how they did it. There must have also been several teams of horses that kept the logs in motion.

  4. The angled pews are interesting - and are they padded?!

  5. I have seen a few examples of this style of set-up for the pews...and, yes, they were padded.

  6. Beautiful old church, like to have seen them moving it on logs

  7. Having seen and learnt about what they do in NZ...not surprising!...would have been good to see


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