Monday, October 23, 2017

Fresh Look After the Rain Falls.....for Monday's Country Backroads

My camera skills consist of "point and click".
 In spite of that, often I'm lucky enough to capture some nice photos.
What I believe I do have is an eye for composition.
The above photo came about yesterday,
 while traveling to a neighboring town....
through a driving rain storm.
The rain passed, and the sky began to lighten enough
 to get a few quick shots near The Bluff.
Click HERE
to remind yourself of The Bluff...
a spot I frequently photograph.
You can see the beauty in the background....
as the trees rise up the back side of The Bluff. we are again with a new week before us.
The possibilities are endless....
Meggie Mac
Linking today with Tom,
and The Barn Collective
Click HERE
to view Tom's amazing photography skills
 and other barns from around the world.


  1. The old barn, the fence line, the wildflowers - beautiful!

    1. Thanks for stopping by with a comment... I think it's a winning combination, too.

  2. Point and click? Wow, nice clicks! But then the land is lovely, isn't it? Rain washes the world clean....

    1. My camera could do much more if I only took the time to learn...and, I agree, it is a lovely place to photograph.

  3. ...if you have any extra rain send it up to me! Possibilities are endless.... Thanks for stopping by, let's do it again.

  4. Hello Meggie, I enjoyed this country scenes through with the fence and posts. Hope you have a good week.

  5. the knack IS to point and click...hesitate and the moment is missed, the special light moved on

  6. I'm a point and click photographer, too. Is there any other way? :) I love your photos of the countryside!

  7. Beautiful! Very nice composition, indeed!


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