Sunday, October 1, 2017

Flatonia Texas United Methodist Church for InSPIREd Sunday

The United Methodist Church, a well-kept white framed church, is located in
Flatonia Texas, a small community of about 1,300 people.
This was the only stained glass I could see.
The Texas Historical plaque provided the only history I could find on the church.
 Even the historical plaque seems vague using these words, "Founded about 1855".
I'm thinking first came the tree...then, the sidewalk.
Nice to see how they saved the tree
Before closing with this post,
I would like you to check (Czech) out the heritage
 of many of the residents.
With the Czech heritage in abundance here, 
 the Czech language has been passed down through the generations, as is
 in most of the towns that surround where I live.
Nearly 100 early settlements in Texas had Czech names,
with half still in existence today.
The Czhilispiel Festival
 has a very interesting story of how it was started,
 to fund a local student's medical education.
Click HERE
to read about it.
linking today with
Click HERE
to view other churches, synagogues, cemeteries,
 and other religious buildings
 from a round the world.


  1. Nice church photos...and it's nice to see you back on your blog..What did it take to inspire you to begin again? I haven't written on my blog since St. Patrick's Day< I want to start writing on it again but just haven't found the inspiration, I guess.

  2. ...I love white country churches like this one, it would look at home here in Upstate New York.

  3. Pretty church - love the weatherboarding - impressed by the pavement, puzzled by the vague history. Why? Presumably, given the historic roots of the population, there's some good Pilsner beer brewed nearby? I'm always intrigued by signs that say things like, 'a welcoming church', though; could it be otherwise? I mean, you wouldn't expect a sign that said, "You're not welcome", would you? :-)

  4. I would imagine that many historical records would be lost when churches burn down - which they did in great numbers back in the 19th C.

  5. Nice church and some history connected with it


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