Friday, October 13, 2017

Wide Open Spaces, Land That I Love....for Friday's Fences

This is my reward for getting an early start...
 The camera says it all...
So, why would I ever consider tweaking this photo.
You must be ready for the changes....
it takes only moments to go from this photo to the first photo.
Did you notice, in all three photos, the two kissing fence posts?
The week end is almost here.
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Meggie Mac
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  1. beautiful.
    wonder why I'm drawn to gates more than fences?

    1. I didn't set out to photograph anything in particular...but how could one resist a sunrise like this....the fence, higher on the hill, was just begging to be photographed..

  2. Beautiful! Love all the fence posts!

    1. I can only imagine how your camera skills could have captured this are an exceptional photographer...thanks for you comment.

  3. No, I did not notice the two kissing fence posts, but went back to look again. :) I have always loved fences. I've told Poppy that if we ever win the lottery, I am building a pretty fence all around our little five acres, and have a couple of pretty gates too. It is amazing how fast the sunset changes.

    1. It's hard to believe, but this is a sunrise....and this is just an ordinary fence of cedar posts. Everything was just right...the hill, sunset, crisp morning...

  4. Excellent shot; excellent idea! Thanks for your recent visit, Meggie; I remember your Scotland trip. I'll feature some more Scottish places soon - though you probably know them already. And I'm gradually adding even more places to the directory over on the website.


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