Friday, October 20, 2017

A Simple Country Photo....for Friday Fences

Maybe yes, and maybe not so simple....
There is much to see in this photo, that might first be overlooked.
The wheel, incorporated in the metal entrance fence,
is what first got my attention to photograph.
Then, you see the typical and so familiar cedar post and barbed wire fencing,
 attached to the entrance.
There is a line of thick woods just beyond the cleared grazing land.
A few cattle are lazily grazing, in the cool of the morning.
But, on a second look at my photo, what jumped of the page,
 are the two red dots.
Familiar to you ?
They are 3 inch double sided reflectors,
that show up when your headlights shine on them.
It's funny how something so simple as 2 red dots on a photo,
can jog the memory....
to my moving to the country, so long ago.
Click HERE
if you would like to see some of those first photos
 of renovating the farm house.
I had given up my life in the city, bought a dilapidated old farm,
with an overgrown nearly invisible driveway.
One of the first things after mowing the tall prairie grass,
was to install two reflectors, so I wouldn't miss the driveway after dark.
The week end is upon us.....with reflectors in mind,
See your way to a wonderful time.
Meggie Mac
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  1. How beautiful! Love the wagon wheel!

    1. Hello Brian...thanks for always being so generous with your comments...

  2. My eye actually went to the wagon wheel too! then, reading your post, I saw the red dots. What a simple, but lovely setting you captured, XOXO

    1. Thanks, Susan....there is always something to photograph, if we just keep our eyes open.

  3. I didn't notice that the wheel was made into the fence until I looked again. I enjoyed looking back, especially at the old farm house. You really did take on a huge job. Just wondering if you ever finished fixing up the farm house and lived there for a while?

    1. Thanks for looking back at some of the old posts of the farm...and to answer your questions, yes, I did finish the farmhouse and lived there for about 15 years. It then became too much work for me... it was quite the undertaking, but I never regretted buying it.


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