Friday, December 16, 2011

Accidents Do Happen

I wasn't able to post yesterday because of an eye accident.  Twelve hours of sleep and rest helped with the recover. I'm very lucky there wasn't any permanent damage.

So, today, Meggie One-Eye decided she could at least go outside and photograph.  The temperature has dropped about 30 degrees since yesterday and as always the wind is blowing. The wind, on this hill in Texas, is either blowing out of the south in the summer, or the north in the winter as it is today.

I'm still wearing my summer hat. After all, two days ago it was 80 degrees. At one point, the wind took it right off my head and landed in a flower bed.

Looking at this crepe myrtle close to the house, I notice 2 or 3 leaves still waving in the wind. After I checked the photographs, I realized the leaves are from another variety of tree and just got caught in the branches of the myrtle.

This summer we experienced the worst drought since I have been living here. Pictured are two very large cedar trees that didn't survive.

Not only did the farm lose two beautiful trees, I also must pay someone to cut them down.

This is what I would call a winter sky.  It even looks cold....

One tree that has managed to give off some fall color.

More tomorrow
Meggie Mac

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