Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Five Days and Counting

The day is starting off with my usual cup of green tea, bowl of oatmeal...and today, The List. It is 5 short days before Christmas and the list is being revised again this morning.

It must be busy at your house too! It seems no matter how much ahead we plan, the last few days are hectic.

My goal today is to prepare Chicken Tetrazzini for 25 and freeze it for my Friday night dinner plans.  I have been using this recipe at Christmastime for more years than I care to remember.  It comes from vol. 10 of my 1966 Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery. I remember the 12 volumes were offered at the grocery store, one volume each week for 12 weeks. I'm sure the cost was less than $2.00 a book, but as you can see by looking at this, it is now $75.00 for the set.

Try to take a little advice from Lionel with a rest during your busy day.

Now, to finish my tea before I get this show on the road!

Meggie Mac

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  1. Hello - lovely to find you too. Looking forward to following your adventures. xx


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