Thursday, December 1, 2011

Life on the Farm

Buried in my files of photos, I found these pictures of two baby goats that have lived their entire lives on my Blackland Prairie Farm. They were born in early January of this year and are now full grown.

Goats are a curious animal and very mischievous. Therefore, the fencing that surrounds their home must be very secure. They will climb on anything and reach as high as they can to eat the leaves off a tree.

Beside the pleasure I get in watching them, they provide a very good service for the farm. They love to dine on weeds and within a year they can clear a pasture of all the weeds. What you have left is a field of beautiful grass for the sheep to graze on.

So, my advice today is.....if your life is full of weeds, buy a goat!

Keep laughing,
Meggie Mac

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