Thursday, December 22, 2011

What I did not do today

Are you asking yourself why would I feature my vacuum cleaner three days before Christmas. It's to show you what I did not do today. Yes, it was on the list. And I had good intentions when I pulled it out this morning.

Do you have days you get side-tracked? This morning it seemed like a good idea to work with the carpenter on my sewing nook.

And nook it is! There were no original closets in this old farmhouse. So, on one end of a 12' x 12' bedroom, I have a space enclosed to serve as a closet/ sewing nook.

I was a little hesitant to show you my fabric collection. But, I'm thinking if you sew or craft, you probably understand this need to be surrounded with fabric. Especially fabric that was found at a bargain price.

The chair can be moved before rolling (it's on wheels) the table in front of the window.

 If you are working on a project most of the day, it is nice to be able to look out the window.

If you decide to watch a favorite TV show, then you can face the nook and leave your sewing machine in place.

It is a tight space. But, at the end of the day, I simply turn off the light and close the bi-fold doors.

Now I'm ready for the New Year and all the projects I will be sharing with you.

I can always run the vacuum cleaner tomorrow!

Meggie Mac


  1. Very cool. At first I thought I was looking at my mother in laws house. They live in a very old (over 100 year old) house. They added a big bedroom years ago and added a closet that looks exactly like yours. Although she uses it for clothes (its really the only closet in the tiny house) it's a nice closet and could work well as you have used it. Nice job.

  2. Meggie, I hope to have my own craft room one day and your advises will be very helpful !!

  3. Hi Meggie, What a beautiful home. The sight of your sewing stash has made my fingers itch to get creative again. Beautifully organised sewing nook and lovely fabrics.

  4. Love your sewing "room" and the fabric collection is wonderful, my motto is that you can NEVER have enough fabric!


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